Christian Dior rightly said that “Without foundation, there can be no fashion.” Bras are important in that they provide the perfect foundation over which the perfect ensemble or dress sits beautifully. The right underwear accentuates the beauty of a dress.

Selecting the right bra is all about selecting the right band, cup size and design. Cups that fit too snugly around the breasts force the breasts to bulge out from the sides. Similarly, when the cups are too big, they cause the dress to pucker, leading to the appearance of cringeworthy wrinkles on a beautiful dress. In either case, the wrong cup size can completely destroy the beauty of a dress. However, when it comes to formal dresses, choosing the right bra design is crucial for you do not want underwear bra to land you in an awkward position, especially in a formal setting where even one wrong moment can cause significant damage. In this article, we take up the cause of the right underwear in detail and explain which bra style is ideal for which design of the formal dress. So, read on.

V-Shaped Formal Dresses

If your plan is to win everyone’s attention at the formal gathering you are planning to attend, choosing a plunging neckline, such as this Bowknot Water Blue V-neck Sleeveless Prom Dressthat draws attention to your sternum or this gorgeous ballroom gown that draws attention to your whole personality would be ideal.

This soft prom dress is feminine and sensual at the same time. However, with these kinds of dresses, it is crucial to choose a bra that will hold the breasts properly in place for you do not want a small accident or spillage to ruin the entire evening. For v-shaped dresses, a plunge bra with low or keyhole neckline is ideal. More importantly, it does not matter how deep your dress is, a plunge or v-neck bra will forever stay out of sight, making sure your dress is getting all the attention it deserves.

Here’s a tip: If you are going for a particularly racy dress, choose to use side adhesive panels or the normal shoulder straps to hold everything in place.

Halter Top Dresses

If you are planning on wearing a halter top dress, such as this Halter Collar Pure Color Eyelash Lace Split Hem Formal Dress you will have to choose a bra style that does not ruin the beauty of your dress by being visible. Visible bra straps would completely ruin the beauty of a scintillating piece like this.

Consequentially, for halter top dresses, we recommend either a Nubra or a cross-back bra. A Nubra is strapless and backless. It is an adhesive bra that sticks to your breasts. The clip in the front provides support and cleavage control. However, if you find Nubras uncomfortable, you can opt for a racerback or cross-back bra. Racerbacks do not only keep the bra straps hidden and prevent strap slippage, but they also provide extra comfort and therefore, are the perfect choice for women with larger breasts.)

Off-the-Shoulder Dresses

Off-the-shoulder dresses are big fashion favourites. This particular style highlights the neck and shoulders, which happens to be most women’s most appealing areas. More importantly, it does not matter whether you are thin or chubby or short or tall, the off-the-shoulder design suits everyone. It is, therefore, no surprise that women love this style and often reach for off-the-shoulder dresses for special occasions. If you are looking for a body-flattering off-the-shoulder dress, shop at Umissu.

However, when it comes to this dress style, most women are at a fix about which bra style would go best with this kind of dresses. The answer, with a doubt, is a strapless bra. Strapless bras do not have straps and therefore, they do not take away the beauty of an off-the-shoulder dress. Choose the right band and cup size and the strapless bra will fit perfectly and sit right where it should. If you have small breasts, choose a strapless bra with push cups. On the other hand, if you prefer extra support, then choose a strapless bra with a longline bodice. However, if you are someone with large breasts and if your cup size exceeds the C-cup, it would make the most sense for you to invest in a strapless bodysuit or bustier. Strapless bustiers are more comfortable than strapless bras for women with big breasts. The only problem is going to the bathroom with a bustier on is a big pain.

Satin Prom Dresses

There is something about satin — it’s festive, elegant and attractive, all at the same time. Thus, formal satan gowns enjoy great popularity among women of all ages. While you can pick any satan gown from Umissu and it will look good on you, we particularly dig this elegant golden prom dress.

Unfortunately, satin is a very soft and feminine material, the beauty of which can be easily spoiled by the wrong undergarment. It’s because, with satin, you pick anything with seams and the whole world will get an idea of the kind of underwear you are wearing inside.

It is, thus, that when it comes to satin prom dresses and formal gowns, seamless bras are the only way to go. Seamless bras feature cups with no stitches. Thus, their very design makes them discreet and they stay completely invisible inside a gown. More importantly, most seamless bras come equipped with moulded cups or have double layers to maintain the structural appearance of the bra as well as provide ample nipple coverage.

In simple words, if you are planning on wearing a satan gown or a formal dress, look for a seamless bra with full coverage. Nothing else will work.

In Conclusion

When it comes to formal occasions, we spend a great deal of time in deciding which kind of dress would be the right fit for us. Unfortunately, we do not devote the same kind of time to deciding which underwear or bra would complement our dress the best and this is what often leads to embarrassing situations and awkward moments. We hope this article here would help you make the right underwear choice the next time.