One of the basic rules of makeup is to highlight the eyes or lips. If you decide to highlight your eyes and put them in the foreground, then your eyeshadows are your best friend. With the help of shadows, we cover up imperfections in the eye area, age, fatigue, visually enlarge or reduce them and give them a cheerful appearance. Choosing an eye shadow depends not only on the color of your eyes, but also on the texture of the shadows. They can be oily, dry or powdered.

The “Smokey eyes” trend is simply not dying out and it stands for every eye shape. Women all over the world love this look and are struggling to learn how to professionally make their eyes with this style without much hassle. This smoky palette you can find on can make it easy for you. The shades are very high quality and easy to apply. They allow for easy application and shading, you can highlight your eyes in the foreground very easily with the help of them.

The jaclyn hill morphe palette gives you several shades of pink, blue, and brown color. There are some shimmering colors to help you get the right effect. Enough to indulge in imagination and with the help of this palette you can highlight your eyes the way you want.

For those who love natural! The good thing about these shadows is that you can’t go wrong much, and therefore you can experiment with different colors, as long as you stick to the only rule – eyes should not be attacked with makeup. So feel free to use colors that you didn’t have the courage to do before, and the good thing is that these palettes are great for both daytime and evening make-up.