Eyeshadow are one of the most basic parts of makeup, without which we cannot imagine a makeup look.
With the help of them we can completely change the appearance of our eyes. Depending on the color choices, we can visually enlarge and even reduce the size of the eyes, highlighting their hue and making them the focus of the whole look. Just a little shade is enough to enhance your look, whether it’s a day or evening look.
Now that the holiday season is approaching, it is our turn to discover what are the best eye shadow palettes that wordmakeup.com has to offer.

Anastasia eyeshadow palette has a great selection of palettes. They are very high quality, the colors are varied, and the colors are available with with a shimmering glow in different colors. You can also find very high quality eyebrow shades as well as pencils. They are very easy to apply and are long lasting.

If you are not too adept at filling your eyebrows, this pen is your holy grail. It provides precise application, is waterproof and lasts from morning to evening. It is best to fill in the areas where your eyebrows are thinned by drawing tiny hairs, like natural eyebrows. It also contains a comb brush that you should use at the end to blend the color with the eyebrows.

Gold or pearl glitter on cheekbones is a major ingredient in any makeup. However, if you decide on a highlighter powder, you can choose the shade that best suits your complexion – gold is more recommended for a darker complexion, while a pink tint is more suitable for ladies with brighter complexions. You will feel the silk powder literally blend in with your skin. It is enough to apply the powder with a large brush or fingers. And if you decide to wear a dress with a neckline, use a puffy brush and give some shine to the neckline. You will attract curious and admiring views wherever you appear.