Simple and easy, makeup is fun. It’s a great way to be creative with colors and to highlight your beauty.

Although choosing the perfect palette of eyeshadows in the sea of different color combinations and eye-catching packaging at first glance seems like an almost impossible beauty task, all we really need to do is go back to the color of our eyes and match the palette tones with them. Huda Beauty Palette is a great choice if you are looking for palettes. They offer very interesting colors, matte and glossy.

From neutral tones that will create a simple and decent look to red, purple and green shades with which all those with brown eyes can easily achieve a fresh, effective and always different look, brown eyes give you space to play and be creative, which is why choosing a palette very simple and depends more on personal style than on eye color itself

Blue eyes pair well with neutral tones – from delicate beige shades to gorgeous golden tones and rich dark brown hues. Although often considered monotonous or even annoying, the neutral eye shadow palettes combined with blue eyes look lavish and vibrant, while emphasizing blue eye color.

Green eyes find their perfect match in pallets that adorn warm copper hues, but also in combination with the dark purple tones that create that perfect contrast to the green tones.