Prepare for summer playing with colors, shapes and layers because this season dresses come in a redesigned form, and we can wear them in day and evening occasions!
Predominantly feminine and seductive silhouettes of new models of dress will literally satisfy the taste and style of every lady.
Lightweight models, and silhouettes that allow the body to follow, can be worn from morning to night, and relaxed-style members will be delighted with dresses-jackets that can be worn alone or in the form of a tunic. Also, thin, cotton dresses A cut are ideal for a afternoon walk in the city.
Of course, we did not forget about the elegant, formal dresses that are mostly made in romantic, pastel colors, and decorated with flower motifs, in a relationship and a print. Similar to the previous seasons, these are the latest lace details and tropical descriptions that we have seen on the worlds brands.

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