If you are not going out without sunglasses and often do not download them even when it’s cloudy or when you’re in an indoors, it means you enjoy being at the center of attention and watching the world “from the shelter”. And, more importantly, you like to play a big seduct!
Hiding the view, you leave the impression of mystery. On the other hand, if you wear striking expensive glasses, you unconsciously send a message that you want to be at the center of attention. Sunglasses are your seductive weapons: staying “hidden” behind dark glasses, be the fantasy of the one who is watching you. But the constant hiding behind the glasses also reveals some inconvenience.

Voogueme is the best choice when it comes to sunglasses for women,  they are specialized in selling online glasses, as well as sunglasses. You’ll need to figure out whether your face is heart, round, oval, or square. Picking out the perfect sunglasses for your face shape isn’t as easy as you might think. There are frame shapes that will enhance your best facial features, and there are frames that… won’t. But the worries they have prescription sunglasses in offer are various shapes, shades, colors …


Too big, “invisible” and other types of frames have become popular mostly because of the stars who did not hesitate to appear on the red carpet with such glasses for sight. In the same way, or by selecting the appropriate frame, you can make an elegant fashion accessory from classic “ugly” glasses that will finish each of your dress combinations. For more glasses you can look here online eyeglasses.

1. “Invisible frame”
Transparent frames have gained popularity this season. It adds a subtle and elegant look to every styling. They have a retro vibe, but at the same time they are modern, and as they are not in color it is easy to combine them with clothes.
2. Round frame
If you do not look like a scarf with a round shoulder, you need to choose a thinner and balanced frame with sharp details like sloping edges or a flat bridge that crosses the nose.
3. A subtle “catlike” look
A sufficiently dramatic, “cats” frame best suits people with square shapes or wider face, because they make a real balance. Try them in interesting colors, like burgundy or pink.
4. ”Aviator” Glasses
This is currently perhaps the most popular type of frame. This retro style generally stands out well for all faces of the face, but also the style of dress.
5. Square frame
Constantly modern, square-framed glasses go hand in hand with aviation. Indestructible or not, you will surely stand out and highlight your chic style.