Choosing a summer hairstyle isn’t easy because there are many things you have to consider before you can make that final decision. Thankfully, your decision doesn’t have to be uninformed! If you’re having trouble deciding what hair you should choose this summer, consider the following factors to help you decide.
Leave “Outs”–What’s In. The last thing you want this summer is for people to remember you because of the way your leave out made an appearance at a beach adventure or backyard swim party-slash-BBQ mixer. The two biggest culprits for leave-out exposure in the summer are the weather and summer activities. Hot, humid weather can cause some people’s natural hair to curl, which can cause their leave out to become obviously separated from the weave hair. And taking a dip in the pool or running around while playing volleyball on the beach can make your leave-out stand out–and not in a good way.
To prevent leave out mishaps, be sure to choose a hairstyle that exposes as little leave-out as possible. You’ll be grateful that you did!
Hot Weather: Dry and Potentially Damaging. The weather doesn’t just spell disaster for your leave out. Many types of unprocessed virgin hair can be damaged and dried out by the hot summer whether, or become tangled and matted because of humid summer air.
The hairstyle you choose should be made from the highest quality hair possible, such as a high quality hair higher quality hair is more likely to stand up to the summer months than low quality hair, which is more susceptible to obvious damage from summer weather. You should also look for hair that responds well to moisturizers, which help prevent heat damage.
Pools, Chlorine, and Your Hair. Let’s face it–no one really likes getting their hair wet, regardless of where it comes from. But if you’re taking a swim in a chlorinated pool, you have more to worry about than how to air dry your hair before you get lunch with your friends; you’ll have to worry about washing your hair ASAP to help reduce the chemical damage that chlorine can cause unprocessed virgin hair.
To help combat this, look for a hairstyle that you can easily tie up when you want to get into the pool. Hairstyles that let you put your hair into a high ponytail or braid and wrap up are ideal. You can still get your hair wet in the pool if you want to, but having a hairstyle that allows you to at least keep your hair from flowing freely–and thus getting tangled in the water–will be something you greatly appreciate by the end of the summer months.
And remember: don’t discount personal style! High quality unprocessed virgin hair comes in many different colors, textures and natural levels of bounce and curliness, so you are sure to find hair that fits your personal look.