The real crazy girlfriend will always find a way to be chic. Whatever the occasion, she knows how to dress. And everything starts with choosing the right pieces of clothing. They do not have to be expensive and marked things, at least not everything. It is important to know how to combine them and know how to wear something. How the summer arrived, it was colorful, beautiful and light in the foreground, and most girls would like to show their clothes and fashion accessories. Of course, some of them will skillfully succeed and win others with their unique and chic combinations
We love the print regardless of the seasons, but somehow with the first warm days, the wardrobe of interesting print gets primacy in the wardrobe of every woman. Even those who like the style of dressing can not go off, and during a warm day they do not train at least one striped or floral piece. For who could say not all these beautiful colorful things.
Printed clothes are very striking, we can not wear it too often, like we can wear a white shirt or black trousers, but that’s why every dress combines special charm and seduction. In addition, our style becomes unique.
The summer is ideal for t-shirts when you want to leave a cool impression, so that’s why there’s no reason not to wear them even this summer. Be cool with DRESSLILY. The motifs on T-shirts are varied: pop art, musical retro props such as cassettes, flowers, various letters, geometric shapes … Fruit attracted me, more precisely, pineapple. You can look more here.

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