From the miraculous moment when you feel the first movement of your baby in the stomach, it’s clear to you that she is a special being, although she is part of you. You will notice that the baby is most hurt when you rest and settle down when you are lubricating over the stomach. She also hears you, so talk to her while you are pampering. It feels when you’re upset, so try to be as relaxed as you can in the coming months.
In the fourth month of pregnancy, the fetus begins to occupy more space, so your stomach is more noticeable. You will soon feel the movements of the baby. You are feeling great, because the hormones have finally calmed down. During this period you will feel that you are full of strength.Your environment can be astonished, since the pregnant woman has so much energy for great storage, shopping, walking.
In this period, you will begin to gain weight in intensity, which will only increase your strength. But do not overdo it with food. All these pounds should be removed after pregnancy, which is sometimes not easy at all.
You first felt the baby’s movements, although it’s active since the second month. The only difference is that these movements are now ready, so the baby decides when and how much he will “hit” you. If you have not “talked” with your mother so far, it’s time to start because it is hearing you. Lick it over your stomach and talk about what you were doing that day. He’ll probably settle down first and then “greet you” with a gentle blow. The blades of the arms and legs are now more proportional to the body, the hair grows intensely, and hints of permanent teeth also occur.
What review should you do?
Pregnancy control usually involves a monthly visit to a gynecologist. On this occasion, it is mandatory to measure blood pressure, weight gain, blood count and urine, based on these results, you will evaluate your general condition and the course of pregnancy. During pregnancy, the risk of urinary tract infection is increased, and urinoculture is also required during this period.