Actress and philanthropist Melissa Bolona has had an extremely busy year with multiple movie roles and philanthropic projects. However, while the Melissa Bolona IMDB page may show her appearing in over a dozen new movies and television shows, the actress still found time to team up with photographer Chris Shintani for some fresh Melissa Bolona headshots.

A Connecticut native, Bolona is a woman of many talents. After launching her modeling career and attaining a degree in International Marketing, Bolona went back to acting. Since her debut in 2015, Bolona was cast in a variety of roles. Some of her most recent films including Year of the Spectacular Men and The Institute, which air in 2017. Melissa is currently hard at work on set of the Hurricane Heist and To Whom It May Concern.

Chris Shintani is a Los Angeles based photographer who has worked on a variety of high profile shoots including collections for Oakley’s Swim ’16 and Nike Women’s. Shintani has also worked with celebrities like Sara Sampio and Nicole Williams.

Shintani and Bolona teamed up for the photoshoot to expand the photographer’s profile and provide the actress with fresh headshots for even more potential roles. The shoot included both black and white and colored prints of head shots and full body shots of the actress.

The black and white prints highlighted Bolona’s classically beautiful features – alluding back to the early icons of Hollywood. Meanwhile, the colored photos are both whimsical and natural while showing off Melissa’s sleek physique in a variety of styles.
The new headshots are sure to be noticed in Bolona’s future auditions and will likely score the actress even more major parts to add to her growing resume. Meanwhile, you can check out Bolona’s IMDB page to find a complete list of her film roles.