Hair extension has become topical, especially among women with short or thin hair. TedHair is an online store that offers you a great choice of hair extensions. TedHair extensions are very easy to install. You can play with them like your natural hair. You can put it and remove it at any time without damaging your natural hair. Their hair is very high quality, so you can certainly wear them for years, without changing their appearance. We might say that hair extensions are the way we can make our hair have any style in a few minutes. Whether it’s a color change of whole hair, works or just some strands, change the style or even the length of hair and volume, extensions are there to help you quickly and easily change your styling. Many stars like Victoria Beckham, Hilari Daf, Miley Cyrus, Selene Gomez and many others often surprise us with their new look. And you can do it now, and this wonderful online store оf Hair Wholesale can help you.
Here are some TedHair virgin hair.

There are several types of upgrades. Hair extension with clips is the easiest and rests on the principle of metal buckles that can be removed and placed, as needed. A girl can put this system on her own. It can quickly and easily change its appearance, and give her hair a volume.
Using keratin, the hair is added to the body with your hair. If it works with natural keratin, it does not damage hair and corrections are done for six months.
Hair extension by knitting. It’s the most popular technique that combines small bundles of hair with a  natural, without chemicals and high temperatures. Corrections are done for six months.
Upgrading hair with microringas. This is a technique of a semi-long hair upgrade. It does not damage the hair, and the semi-permanent because the rings that connect your hair with the hair upgrade over time relax. Corrections are done for two to four months.

It’s up to you to choose which type of upgrade suits you. What color do you want, how much hair you want … At TedHair you will find everything you need when it comes to hair extensions. They offer you a great source of length, color, as well as hair with large and small curly’s, with waves, and flat hair. Their hair is very quality and you can treat it as you like. What is most important is that no one will notice that you have an upgrade, everyone will think it’s your natural hair.