Hello there. My name is Milica and I am profesional makeup artist. Today I will share with you my opinion about some products from ZAFUL. My choice were makeup brushes and skirt.

First, I will talk about the beautiful brushes. This set contains three small and four big brushes.

  I have used the small angled brush for my eyebrows, you can use it for eyeliner, also.

The second one is good for eyeshadow, is fluffy, but not too much. You can do it same precision operations with this brush.

The next one is fluffy and good for blending eyeshadow. This brush is not very small, so you can not do anything precise.
The first big brush I have used for concealer. 
The second one is the biggest one and I have used it to set my powder.
The next one is good for contouring.
And the last one I have used for blush.
All brushes are soft with good quality and  with beautiful design.
 I recommend everyone to try them!
Now, I want to talk about this amazing skirt.
The color of this skirt is very bright apricot. It is elegant  with a very, very good quality. It is made of several layers and they all come together in the perfect skirt. There is one size only, I am “s” and it fits me.
Please check out amazing skater dress.