Shoe never enough, still need at least another couple. Someone prefers high heels, or flats, generally have their favorites in the shoe.
Yoshop is an excellent choice if you want a modern shoe. They offer a wide selection of modern and high-quality shoes.The selection is huge, high-heeled shoes, wedges, flat shoes … Do you prefer more elegant, or seductive, or perhaps with a belt and rhinestones, they have everything and  for every taste.
These are just some of their vast collection,visit this wonderful online store and surprise yourself.

Wedges is ideal for women with larger feet and larger joints because visually lengthens the leg and one in them look slimmer. The platform is therefore an excellent choice for short women.
Shoes with high heels and thin
This model is ideal for the tall, slender women. The rule is simple: if you are thin, let such be your fifth. Heels are great for women with narrow joints, or if you have strong legs, you should avoid thin heels because your legs look even bulkier.
Shoes with rounded tips
If you want your foot looks beyond, should you opt for these shoes. Can be found in almost all colors and different sizes of heels, so that everyone can find something for themselves.
Shoes with thin small strap
As thin as possible, an excellent choice for girls with stronger legs. The goal is less “close” legs. If you have thin wrists, then the shoes with thicker rand right choice for you because it looks nicer leg.