Surfing the Internet without protection can be very dangerous. Without good protection against viruses, worms, Trojans, malware and other infections, your surfing can be a moment turn into a nightmare. can help it.
AVG Anti-Virus Free is a great protection for your computer. If you are using antivirus repeatedly failed or expired, and you have the opportunity for new updates, then try using this antivirus. AVG has long been successfully keeps computers from viruses. Rightly it is often called the best. Primarily because of its functionalities: antivirus protection, email scanner, link scanner, scheduling scans, automatic updates and much more. One of the most comprehensive free security solutions is precisely this antivirus. Free antivirus app has all the features that you would expect to see in free products, including real-time protection, scan on demand, email protection, detects infected and unwanted attachments so they can not harm your computer, stops to visit an infected web page. Actively checks every web page before the visit and blocks access if it detects anything suspicious. But what is important is that it does not slow down your system.
AVG AntiVirus good works in the background and in the daily work you will not even feel it. Regardless of whether you are playing or just use programs from the Office package, it is there to protect you. This program is used by many users for years and have not experienced any problems or threats, and they do not think to change it.
Antivirus features
-Scans attachments instant messaging
-Certification email that is virus free
-The ability to update on demand, through a schedule or manually
-Minimum need to reboot after updating
-Automatic scanning of documents on a daily basis or manually according to the schedule you specify
-Support for SR applications visually impaired persons
-Password protected settings