Aluminium composite panels fall under the category of light at the same time strong and solid materials. The characteristics of the panel in addition to excellent thermal, waterproofing and acoustic properties, providing the possibility of coating flat, arched, sloping and other surfaces.
The main advantage of this material is lightweight. In addition, this material is extremely strong and stiff. It is also a good insulator of sound and vibration absorber. Extremely simple and easy to handle and install. The panels can be tailor, bend and connect the cassettes of different sizes and shapes to accommodate the architectural requirements. They are made in a variety of colors that can be matte, metallic or which can mimic other materials such as mirror, wood, marble or stone.
The construction aluminum composite panels are commonly used for external cladding of buildings (facades) but are also used for internal coating of objects in the interior, for making signs, coating the pillars of backyard fences and for making fences and gates.
Aluminum composite panels are a great way to offer something that is quite unique and can be used in diverse ways especially in architecture. Its features are such that they provide flexibility, formability, compactness and stability which make it a great product which can be used in forming complex elements when it comes to designing.
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-high strength and smooth surface make it ideal for cladding and internal lining
Good CNC machining on which
-cutting of different shapes and engraving
-Flexibility and easy machining enabling use in complex designs
The combination of Plexiglas and PVC foils Alubond make commercial premium design
-Excellent acoustic, thermal and water resistant properties
-resistance to weathering
-Easy maintenance
-High quality color
-Easy installation