Like every month, and this time I present to you ALICLUBWEAR. You all know that AMI is my favorite store, and I got a bunch of stuff from them (I hope to in the future and I still receive). 
This month I got a tracksuit and a red sweatshirt. Tracksuits is dark gray with black accents on the pockets and waist, from very good material is also very comfortable to wear. Red sweatshirt made of very light material, and as you can see, great standing with this grey tracksuit, although do not come in pairs. I have to mention that this black shirt, I wear, also from AMI. I got a shirt this a year and a half from AMI, and I must tell you that it is completely same like the first day. Not faded, not gathered, did not spread, but I wear it almost every day.
Maybe you not like my style, and you do not like my choice, but do not worry AMI follow all styles and I’m sure you can find something for you or your loved ones. And all at very affordable prices.

I forgot to mention that the sneakers also gift from AMI.