In addition to hair and make-up, clothes are a very important detail when it comes to any kind of ceremony. Long dresses were very modern last year, but the trend continues and 2016. Dresses can be divided into two types:
-short dresses (dresses above the knee, below the knee dresses, dresses that are wider and dresses along the leg)
-length dresses (long dresses with an open back, long dresses with corset, long dresses to the body and long dresses that are spread) 
Dresstells offers you all kinds of dresses, long, short … This store specializes in selling beautiful dresses for all events. They have a wide, wide selection of beautiful and cute homecoming dresses.
There are different styles, materials and colors available for you too choose according to your personal style and taste in fashion.
Here are some beautiful homecoming dresses

Long dresses are garment stands relative to all types of women. If you do not have a phobia of detection leg, if you do not wear or dress, long dress covers a large part of the body, it is very elegant, graceful, cultural and at the same time sexy.
Choose something comfortable and easy in which you will be able to enjoy the evening. Shine in bright colors like powder pink, ivory or champagne color. Lace and zircons will always be trendy, you will not mistake if you choose for lace or zircon. But the choice is only you, be creative and unique!
If you check their website, you’ll find many more wonderful designs. The choice is only yours. But if you ask me, lace has never looked so lovely!
Whatever your personal style is, with such nearly endless options there must be a perfect dress waiting for you on their store. Browse through their selection and you’ll find trendies dresses to meet your fashion taste. 

Two Piece Prom Dresses