If you have a solemn occasion in front of you probably already thinking about what kind of dress to wear and what shoes to put on.

For shoes, unlike the dress is almost always the rule, the more expensive it more modern and luxurious. Dress you can pay cheap and look great, but with hard shoes.

When you buy high heels always take enough time. Never buy them in a hurry. Shoes differ not only height heels, but also the method of preparation and form of shoes so that you need a good try to make sure that it suits you. Regardless of the number worn always try number of smaller and larger to make sure that you have the easiest walk. Expensive shoes often have numbers in half, so you can  ask that. Do not hesitate to try several shoes until you find the right, a good selection of shoes is the basis for a good walk in them. If you always wear socks and try them in your socks.

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Pointed shoes are back in fashion. In fact, always been a symbol of femininity, because offers sexy and elegant look, while at the same time lengthen the leg. They fit perfectly in the narrow jeans and trousers with a length of 7/8 of which they are a big hit for daily variation.

Without a doubt, classic heels of good quality in any color is one of the most valuable items that every woman can have. Shoes with open toes in the model that looks good with any type of clothing.
Although the hit 90s, and almost forgotten germs skinny heels, shoes with thick heels are coming back into fashion. Not only are they comfortable, practical, recommended by many doctors worldwide, is providing the security of the legs and lower back.
This model is always in fashion, and frequently practiced by modern young girls. Such persons characterized by openness, energy and spontaneity.
Pumps, platform or flat shoes, it is important that you feel good in your own skin, whether you are a classical type or a woman who is looking forward to seasonal fashion trends.