The new swimwear collections were already presented …
As every year, fashion is changing, both for clothes and a swimsuit. Some trends have slipped this year because they are really too good, while our new year brought some new ones.
Get ready for this year at a time and select swimwear that will reflect your style and highlight your attributes. I give you the some trends of swimwear that will help you choose what’s best for you from Dresslink.

Last year we saw this retro style bathing suits before the end of the season as it appears here and there. This year the situation is different, and these models will be virtually everywhere. The best thing about this trend is that the upper part can carry everywhere during the summer, because it practically passes as crop top shirt. Just put on your shorts with a high waist and skirt and you’re ready to move from the beach to a cafe or club.

Classic black bathing suit with interesting decor and a deep neckline on the front and back. Simple, elegant and terribly sexy.

Get ready, because this season will 2016 be the embodiment of designs and colorful. We are thrilled to pieces that are decorated with Aztec pattern because this pattern, however that all is breathtaking, while the geometric shapes complete classic, even when it comes to swimsuit.
We did not believe it was possible, but it is nevertheless possible – walking on the beach in a bathing whose upper part resembles a sports bra. And so, it happened. For those who like comfort, safety and overall sporty joke, this is a kind of bathing suit that is perfect for you.

Dresses, kimono, overalls (long and short), tunics and skirts … This year is very impressive and that’s why I mention them in addition to swimwear. Yet this kind of clothes for the beach bit of summer season. Transparent and lightweight materials are essential, and up to you to choose the song that will get along with your swimsuit.

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