Hello ladies,
How are you today? I’m so bored because of bad weather, I hate the rain. But fortunately, there is a Summydress me to improve mood.
Today I want to introduce you to new online shop which has amazing things, ranging from clothes, then the wonderful shoes, bags, jewelry … All that at reasonable prices. I can spend hours and hours browsing their store.  Perhaps you have already met this online store, then you know they have an incredibly good things on offer, but if you’re not, I will introduce today.
What drew my attention at this store is their brooches.  A real woman’s fashion accessory this winter that will refresh your every fashion combination is certainly a brooch.
 Brooches are phenomenal fashion accessory, decorative items and where you will wear them only depends on your imagination and creativity. You can wear it on pants, shawl, scarf, drop, hat, dress …. Options are truly limitless. Plain dress, jacket or shirt can decorate with  brooch and give her a completely different look. Try it, you will be satisfied and you will see how small details like the brooches can really brighten up you and contribute to your new look.
Sammydress offers a huge, huge range of beautiful broshes in different styles, shapes, materials, colors etc. to meet everyone’s needs, personal style and taste in fashion.
Brooch, a piece of jewelry that never goes out of fashion.

Here are some of my choice.

Brooches are ‘in’ , colorful or big and simple, will help you to give your outfit soul.
As you can see Sammydress offers more nice brooches in various colors, sizes, with beautiful details like lace, zircon, pearls… 
Visited this amazing online store and find your favorite bros, without spending a lot of money. This is a very cheap shop that offers everything, but the bass all for you, for all tastes.