Hello ladies!

I am so happy today! I’m today received a large package, 3 pairs of boots and jacket. I have a small foot, and I can not find shoes for yourself, I have to buy a larger number, I normally wear a E35, somethimes E34.Yes, I wear children’s number! 🙂 
I am so thrilled, the boots beautiful standing on the leg, material is more than excellent, two pairs are black and one are brown. The jacket is also excellent, perfect for autumn and spring, it is very comfortable, and fashionable. 
If you want to have these boots and jacket, or maybe something else visit www.amiclubwear.com
Amiclubwear is the ideal online shop, with excellent wardrobe and shoes, look and see for yourself
Here are my pictures
place for lady
Jacket is out of stock, but you can find more wonderfully jackets on www.amiclubwear.com

place for lady

                                                                                                 They’re beautiful!

place for lady

                                                                           Great Black boots

place for lady
                                                              Very comfortable black boots